Faulty Wiring

THE IMPORTANCE OF FAULTY WIRE REPAIR Electrical wiring faults can cause major issues for homeowners, leading to extreme damage and expense if not repaired and cared for regularly. Many – if not most – home fires are caused due to a failure to repair faulty wires. Statistics show that nearly 500 Americans die and just […]

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Replace Or Upgrade Panel

If your wiring is old or faulty, your home is at a much higher risk of a fire. Adding new circuits with your electrical panel upgrade can help to safeguard your property. It can also give you huge discounts on your homeowner’s insurance by reducing the risk of a fire.

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Install Ceiling Fan

Distribute air throughout your home. Enjoy a steady breeze. 8 REASONS TO INSTALL A CEILING FAN   1) TO BRING DOWN YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL Ceiling fans work amazingly well in bringing down your energy costs by 30 or even 40 percent. While a ceiling fan does not exactly reduce the temperature of the room, the

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Relocate Outlets Or Switches

Adding outlets provides more spots for your devices to plug in. When they’ve got permanent, easy spots to access power, you can cut down on the amount of power strips or extension cords splayed across the floor. It keeps the home tidier and improves the overall look.

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